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Talenttio's ethos is all about transforming corporate business leaders and developing the way they present themselves giving them much better control over the performance of their team.

We worked with a strategic marketing agency, followed their brief with research covering the works of Escher, the psychology of Rorschach ink blots and the like to eventually come up with the 2/4 faces in the silhouetted form of butterfly wings.

This project was a great deal of fun and our client is over the moon with the eventual result.

We would love to assist on your business identity and further marketing collateral.

Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss what we can offer.

Printed Collateral

Working alongside a local illustrator, we were tasked with creating a pack of fun interactive literature that could be used to instantly highlight individual groups. Inspired by playing cards, each card had a 'top and tail' male and female avatar that represents an aligned social/behavioural label. 

We provided the client with print-ready artwork that was later produced into slick branded boxes and used as give-aways at events and conferences.

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