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Situated amongst some stunning Kent farmland, we have a perfect and relaxed outlook. That doesn’t mean we’re lazing about on bean bags or gazing out of the window, far from it!

If you like what you see on these pages we would love to hear from you and learn more about your business challenges, future goals and if we could help you on that creative journey.

Please call for a chat or book a good old fashioned face to face meeting. If you prefer the telephone, please just fill in the form for a call back.

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+44 (0) 1622 871192


Vivid Pixel Creative Ltd.
Little Mill Studio
234 Tonbridge Road
East Peckham
Kent, TN12 5LB

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Our People

  • Leigh Smith
    Leigh Smith Creative Director

    Leigh is a self-driven free-thinker who has been involved in design, print, signage and exhibition all his working life.

    When he's not working, he can be found mountain biking, listening to music and adding to his vinyl collection.

    When possible, he heads for the mountains with his family to go ripping through the powder on his snowboard.

  • Ali Farmer
    Ali Farmer Designer

    A UCA grad with a BA in Photography and Media Arts, Ali has worked within the creative arena with artists and photographers, curating art exhibitions.

    He meets every challenge with an open mind and usually a pinch of humour. He yearns to travel to far off, exotic places and does a little taxidermy in his spare time!


  • Amanda Pereira
    Amanda Pereira Office Administrator

    Having worked in a variety of businesses Mandy brings a wealth of experience to VP, which we're sure will help support the day to day running of the studio.

    Travelling is top of Mandy's list of things to do, as well as eating delicious food which she hopes can be undertaken in tandem! 
  • Bob Anderson
    Bob Anderson Operations

    Bob brings a raft of useful experience, gained within the exhibition and events sector, so he knows his stuff.

    He has a taste for anything sweet, and regularly brings in a bag of goodies. Plus he likes old ska music so he fits right in!



  • Moo
    Moo Staff Welfare/Document Security

    Moo is part-time and is responsible for the staff well being. She makes sure no-one eats alone and chaperones visitors to the kitchen or toilet facilities so they don't get lost. She also collects the post and brings it (near) to Leigh's desk (sometimes with a corner missing).

    She enjoys whine, walks, sleeping in and is currently doing a study of rabbit and squirrel habitats.

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Vivid Pixel Creative Limited
Little Mill Studio
234 Tonbridge Road
East Peckham
Kent. TN12 5LB

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