Understanding gets results

A trusted, stand out brand will be clear, aligned and memorable


By sharing knowledge about your marketplace and your place in the market with us, we'll perfectly align your brand identity with your value proposition.


Concept agreed, we will construct your file set and brand guidelines to ensure you are fully consistent across digital, print and all other customer experiences.


Generate awareness within your target market and build lasting, meaningful connections with interaction at events and within specifically designed spaces.

A perfect match

Your brand is your company’s personality, driven by its vision and values. It needs to reflect these attributes and most importantly attract, create trust and instil memory in the buyer with visuals, qualities and behaviours. Your logo, the visual identity or "identifier of your company's brand", must be designed to match the business personality and speak to your marketplace. It needs to be professional, scalable, versatile and easily understood.

We offer a full branding service from concept to completetion. We work with all kinds of businesses across the country, focused in Kent and the South East including London. We know how important branding is and our experienced team will make sure your company branding works hard for you. 

The essentials

We can create your visual identity (logo) and its set of variant files as a standard or we can refresh/re-align your current branding. We offer file management for digital and print purposes, brand guideline documents to keep a tight rein on your company image, for when you need to engage with other providers ensuring the brand message is aligned and correctly displayed, not muddied or broken so the buyer doesn’t lose trust or become confused.

Getting you noticed

Once your logo identity is created we can assist you with the activation of your new look with your online and offline marketing; the digital online (web, email, social media) and the tangible design offline (print, events, promotion, presentation) marketing broadcast to engage the correct audience and buyers. This “amplification” can work in tandem with your in-house marketing strategies or we can help with this as well if you need us to.

Branding work experience

Case studies of how we have positively affected outcomes