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Creating an efficient process

26 April 2022Branding / Sales & Marketing Design

The importance of having an efficient process can't be underestimated. We recently changed one small 7 minute element which will save our business over a week in man hours this year!

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Leigh goes back to school

22 April 2022Branding

A blog about the importance of school students engaging with the world of work in a creative and meaningful way.

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5 ways to make your PDF and word docs smarter

08 May 2021Design / Branding

Speed up and streamline processes, enhance user experience, save money, cut waste and paper with these tips.

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5 ways to showcase a new product

30 May 2020Branding

If your business has a product or service that can be ‘productised’, then it needs the best possible exposure. Find out more...

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How to enhance a Zoom background

10 May 2020Branding

Make small adjustments to improve your image, the lighting and sound quality in a Zoom meeting. Achieve some professionalism with a little effort.

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The difference between your brand and your logo

28 May 2020Design / Branding

Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles, working together to form a perceived business or product image, which is its brand. Read our more detailed explanation here.

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Maximising your marketing activity for better returns

17 May 2020Design

Having done your analysis, set objectives and decided upon strategy, the implementation of your marketing activity will be your next move. Do you sometimes find yourself not knowing what to tackle first or where best to look?

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Adapting to change

09 May 2020Design

With COVID-19 health info swamping the news and events cancelling or postponing, we thought we'd share a more positive angle on how to refocus your marketing channels.

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Brand alignment and why it is important for a healthy customer relationship

06 May 2019Design / Branding

Disengagement? Lost sales? Customer confusion? Clarity and consistency will build trust and better engage your customers and prospects. Why it’s important that your brand identity and shared materials do not deviate from the brand's style, message and proposition to retain healthy sales.

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