17th May 2020

Maximising your marketing activity for better returns

Making your budget go further

If you are a Marketing Manager regularly tasked with juggling finance from your Financial Director or if you’re a seasoned business owner wanting to make the correct impact on the marketplace with your strategies, ready to implement them, we can help you save time and money over the period your marketing budget is set for.

You have analysed and have your objectives and strategy mapped out, great! Now, are you sometimes stuck wondering where to look for resource or practical, tangible help at the implementation stage? Well, this is where we enter the frame, reflecting your ambitions and guiding you toward your goals.

Good planning is obviously key to success, however when you’re ordering and buying services and tools from all over the place it can be time consuming, not always value for money or, most importantly, not aligned properly to your company brand.

All these things will cost your business something and that can be eliminated quite painlessly.
The main negatives are likely to be:

  • Confusion for the buyer
  • Impulse purchasing
  • Output presented badly
  • Poor quality

The cure to these ills is to engage with us initially, which costs you nothing but… 

Some time for a meeting, that’s all!

We only need to understand what your company ambitions and targets are and an indication of how the company usually spends its budget (annually or quarterly etc).

From there we work up a schedule with you and an inventory of ‘assets’ that are matched to your goals and timed so that the spread of what you do and spend is organised properly and kept as efficient as possible. 

These assets can be anything printed, digital/online, internal communications-based and even include the bigger events calendar, if your business plans to exhibit at trade shows or attend conferences. We ensure your message is “on brand” and clear.

Benefits we bring:

  1. Expertise in the related production industries
  2. A trusted quality supply chain with negotiated trade discounts
  3. A fully managed service so you only have to place the order
  4. Extensive knowledge of the marketplace
  5. Access to a vast library of substrates/finishes
  6. Able to introduce you to some unusual, sometimes unique ideas
  7. Time saved due to you not having the sourcing problem
  8. A partner with your financial/budgetary concerns at heart

The outcome

Your business will benefit from saving valuable time, receiving expert advice on using that budget wisely, saving costs where possible and most importantly retaining brand image and customers. Plus, you gain a trusted partner who will understand and look after your interests now and into the future.

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