8th May 2021

5 ways to make your PDF and word docs smarter

We have compiled a few pointers below to show how a business of any size can save time and money by speeding up a process or improving a response using digital documents.

1. Add clickable button items to trigger an action
2. Include elements that help the user experience or speed up the process
3. Add security groups and passwords to stop any document tampering
4. Build forms to gather information and have it reported back to your email/CRM etc
5. Include digital signature fields for employees or clients

If you have consistency issues with your office documents or don’t already use the full power of Adobe’s PDF architecture and you want to improve efficiency, speed up and generally improve how your business presents itself, then please read on.

Imagine a company that needs to protect their documents and also enhance them whilst speeding up the process they go through, without breaking the design along the way. This is a common issue our clients face and we have seen many situations where the problem crops up and the solution is similar each time but also slightly different in its needs.

A set of documents can be issued in a simple form, well branded, uniform and aligned with the that company’s brand guidelines. This template set can be locked so, elements that must not change cannot be tampered with and the templates are always safe. They can then be distributed around the business for use as normal. This is how a simple template to document process works.

Additionally, a document could be required for information gathering, quoting or attaching to a body of work as a ‘branded wrapper’. There are many situations where these enhancements will add value. Imagine a file sent via email in the shape of a form. Usually, these are a quick item sent as a Word file and the text is all over the place, different fonts seem to appear from nowhere and nothing seems to line up anymore. Further still, the recipient is expected to either do their best by typing into it directly, making more of a mess or printing, handwriting and the scanning it to be able to send it back. Sound familiar? Not only is this a really tedious experience but the brand is now dented for issuing such a poor quality document.

By simply taking a little more time and care on how how the document is delivered and allowing the user a much simpler and smoother way to enter data via the myriad of options, you control the process and it not only speeds things up considerably, it shows a completely professional exchange, the brand is intact and the user experience is greatly improved.

The form build element is quite expansive and probably too much to cover here so, for a more efficient and instant way to collect information from clients, employees or anything else and you’d like professional, tidy documents that can be simply filled in on any screen device and then returned, please get in touch or fill in the mini form on our intro document and see how it works.

Your business will be much more streamlined, your processes will speed up, become less disjointed and your clients, employees and prospects will have a much better experience too.

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