9th March 2020

Adapting to change

In this fast changing environment, that we are all experiencing currently, the worry will be that certain businesses will be financially affected much more than others. For example, travel (agents, airlines, trains, hotels etc.) commercial and social events (exhibitions, sports, theatres and gigs etc.) cannot physically operate. For the rest of us we have to adapt.

Changing course.
One thing all businesses will have in common is the growing number of staff opting to work from home and coupled with the block on conferences and exhibition events, avoidance of networking and meetings in general, it would be hoped that we could still do as much of this as we do normally. Of course, the events situation is, for the foreseeable future, on hold but the other channels can adapt if people are willing to engage with a different way of doing it.

This isn’t to say that everything has to move online, as I have heard many people say this week, there are other channels to broadcast on. Though, of course, there will be a much bigger demand for online methods of communication emerging.

Potential issues.
Let’s address a potential issue with online first. If an office of 40 people all end up in their spare room, with their laptop, plugging into their basic broadband (as I expect most will not have the luxury of full fibre) and multiply that by every other working person on that street doing the same, pulling and pushing content up and down the “pipe”, then said pipe’s bandwidth will be squeezed more than it is used to and connections, images will degrade, transport of content may end up on a UK-wide go-slow.

Less physical engagement.
With regard to our exhibition events and physical meetings becoming less, maybe consider webinars or using portable/interactive files and presentations or instructional animations to reach your audience, subscribers or customers. A great way to engage, congregate and meet online via skype or facetime or present the latest ideas/products via a live webinar or email campaign. You will also need visuals to communicate ideas and then to be able to share those branded visuals simply and succinctly across the internet.

How we can help.
We have many years of experience aligning branded social and marketing channels and ensuring messages are clear and concise for the audience. More can be found here on this topic. Importantly, by working with vector graphics (animated or static) the file sizes remain small and the broadband "pipe" is not so stressed. Things like infographics are a great way to communicate workflow, process intent or historical subject matter easily and these can be used online or in print. Which neatly brings me to the “offline” print medium. Small things can change minds too like, the handout you may have meant for your event used cleverly in a postal campaign. Or the product data sheet you were giving out with a live product launch etc. Why not pre-launch online with the printed element delivered by post once your prospects have registered online? This builds your database list and proves your method before the online “event” happens.

We can help with many alternative and creative methods or platforms to help keep in touch and stay visible with your clients. Design of managed media campaigns (either online or offline). Brochures, folders, publications, tenders, instructional animations, cloud based presentations, data sheets, invitations, advertisements, posters, email banners… the list is long. For instance, if you haven’t got one, our email platform can be branded and managed easily or, if you have one, we can help build graphics and visual attributes to add to your own platform. Or, if you’re tired of Powerpoint, we can definitely help!

Contact us today to discuss some initial creative ideas. Or, fill in the form opposite and we’ll call you back.

Lastly, it may seem like a trivial thing at first thought but if your business relies heavily on graphical content, like ours does, it’s something to properly consider. It is worth speaking to your home provider and finding out about a possible upgrade to your home broadband for approximately a 10x hike in throughput. Sometimes this can be activated from a couple of days to a week or so. Mine only cost me an additional £4 a month too!

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