Presentation design

Inspired, not expired

A great presentation will be designed well, be as short as possible and offer an identifiable problem or question at the start that it attempts to answer by the end. It will leave the audience wanting and not tired. It will have some inspired visuals and always consistent graphics. It will also be introduced well, inform an audience as to how it is structured and, helpfully, somehow show how long it is. Have you ever been in one of those presentations where, through no fault of the presenter, you are praying for it to end?

Targeted and relevant

Keep your audience engaged

Various methods

Do you zoom, slide or click?

Delivered complete

Packaged and ready to go

Animated graphics

Sometimes the small things make all the difference

Adding an animated infographic or motion graphic to describe visual info to get your message across will enhance the presentation no end. A properly brand aligned presentation will send the right message and not confuse your audience.

If you would like to know how we can enhance your internal or external presentations, we would love to hear from you to discuss your challenges and help you discover more potential for your business. Allow us to build your presentation that will make the presenter feel confident and even proud of what they are showing.

The difference

  • Focused, engaging and navigable
  • Simplified so your message is delivered properly
  • A stand-alone document or hosted online
  • Can be interactive or created as a digital PDF
  • The end of ‘Death by Powerpoint’!

There are also other enhanced ways to create an engaging presentation in different media like Keynote via Apple OS machines, a zooming Prezi story you can use on any device and even Adobe Acrobat so you can send via email. Both the latter types can be run from any operating system and Prezi can be hosted and launched from any device, even projected from a tablet and a smartphone linked as a clicker.

From the shy presenter to the superhero, we have the knowhow to make your presentation professional, attractive and memorable. All we need to know is your desired outcome and which platform you would like to present, then we can advise from there.

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