Logo design

The most important element of a brand identity

Your company logo design deserves focus and thought as it will last a long time. It is hard at work for you when your business is operating, closed at night or over the weekend, it reminds customers who you are and can let them know what your business does, just by its design alone. A well planned logo design is essential for your business to be recognised and remembered, it is where your brand begins its ‘visual journey’.

A logo is one of those things in design that can have emotion and meaning built into it or interesting hidden shapes in the negative space to make it more interesting. The brand identity is formed of various other elements like imagery, statements and fonts forming its brand ‘culture’. This requires a set of brand guidelines (sometimes known as corporate guidelines) to be formed alongside the logo creation.

What we offer

• Creative thinking

• Concept choices

• Compatible, scalable artwork

• Professionalism

• Your business goals in mind

The essentials

We can create your visual identity (logo) and its set of variant files as a standard or we can refresh/re-align your current branding. We offer file management for digital and print purposes, brand guideline documents to keep a tight rein on your company image, for when you need to engage with other providers ensuring the brand message is aligned and correctly displayed, not muddied or broken so the buyer doesn’t lose trust or become confused.

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