We are designers who understand you

We increase your sales by making the visual connections between what our clients do and what their customers want more straightforward and attractive. Delivering bespoke time and cost-saving creative solutions, personally tailored to the needs of the business for efficient marketing activity across all potential promotional touchpoints - like digital brochures, presentation and other visual marketing assets to enhance brand awareness.

Since 2009, we have been creating marketing materials to develop your brand and tackling your marketing challenges. We are a creative branding and graphic design agency based in Kent, offering our services across the UK and London.

Our design studio services


Helping your business attract the right customers through our digital branding services. From creating your brand identity and aligning through all your marketing collateral, ready to broadcast a consistent and engaging message.

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Graphic Design

It all begins here. Whether it is a printed or digital brochure, a Powerpoint design, or animated Prezi in the cloud, showing off your service or product. Our branding experts can help bring it all to life and engage your audience by utilising expert brand tools.

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Increase your visibility. Our service includes online design, animated infographics, motion graphics, and more to help your online activities shine. See how you can enhance your business and brand presence with our digital graphic design agency services.

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Other services


Meet Boxy

If you are wondering what happened to our all-round exhibition design and build service, well it hasn't disappeared, it's just moved to a fresh new name at Boxy.

If you are looking for exhibition booth design, build, complete project management or anything else in between, please visit the Boxy website by clicking below.

A genuine design partner

We are a creative ideas company that exists for business owners and marketers, solving problems and suggesting customised solutions. We offer strategic, solutions-focused advice, in a 'plain speak' fashion, that will make a tangible difference.

Improve customer engagement and speed up your business processes with our marketing tools such as email marketing services. Reduce or eliminate waste, align your branding across all your company's internal or external marketing activity with print or digital brochures. We prepare you for the modern way of making contact and doing great business on and offline for businesses throughout the UK including London.

With several decades of experience, you can place trust in our team of creative graphic and digital designers, marketing pros, digital designers to enhance your business with its strategic goals and attracting more prospects and sales.

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If clients are happy, we're happy!

Hear what Claire from Work in Harmony had to say about her personal experience of working with us.

How we help

Your success is our success

This thinking is in the DNA of everything we do. It's in our methods and processes so as not to lose sight of the eventual goal. We are brand experts with years of expertise in working with clients, confidently taking their brand to the next creative level to boost engagement.

Working in various business sectors, with most of our experience based in construction, manufacturing, health, and retail. We have provided our varied clients with their branding, promotional materials, and for their events. By supplying different services ranging from email marketing services to digital brochures and exhibition stand graphics, we have been successful in how they convey their messages to their prospects consistently, successfully.

The subject and outcome will always be different and so every design project is approached with that uniqueness in mind. Get in touch with us via the form below if you require help with your marketing and branding challenges. Our team in Kent will get back to you shortly. We also offer our digital services across the UK including London.


We will gather as much as we can from you before we proceed with your project, listening and absorbing.

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We then pause to think about your brand, your customers and what they would expect. Here are some of our thoughts.



We then get to work gathering, processing, designing, printing, building, animating, preparing and then delivering.

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Our work

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