Case Study



To create a welcoming, impactful entranceway and apply branding to a series of rooms in the Helix HQ

Type - Office HQ Branding

  • ‚ÄčInstant impact
  • 3D CNC signage
  • Huge wallcoverings


A transformation of the Helix headquarters in Milton Keynes.

office branding

For this interior branding project we were tasked with creating a series of graphical and signage treatments to areas of the brand new Helix headquarters. Before this the walls were all plain white finishes, the space was tall, light and modern with a wonderful landscaped view outside.

The brand guide was followed dilligently and we worked alongside their own design and marketing team to ensure the result was spot on. Using state of the art technology to enhance and enlarge imagery by reproducing pixel range from otherwise smaller images that would not have reproduced as well at this size, we ensured a positive result.

office signage

For the boardroom and meeting rooms we applied a sliver 'speedo' style dial directly to the wall surface and raised the Helix logo using stand off fixing method with perfectly matched CNC orange acrylic text for a simple but effective result.

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