30th May 2020

5 ways to showcase a new product

If your business has a product or service that can be ‘productised’, then it needs the best possible exposure. Well designed, brand appropriate methods will generate positive interest and this can then be backed up in your website, with email campaigns, posting on social media and, if you can afford to, a countdown to a launch event to attract a wider audience.

Here are five areas this can be achieved. Using one of these on its own will not be enough to make an impact though and all five don’t need to be employed either so, it’s always worth discussing your project first before embarking on the actual work.

1. Branding and alignment
A well branded product and packaging, plus any customer experience or user interaction that happens during the delivery, unpacking or setting up is vital here. Maybe that sounds obvious, but your product needs to be branded correctly, aligned with all your other activity and has the correct brand personality or it could fail. Factors like logo placement, packaging types, sustainable materials and customer relationships to think about too.

2. Digital brochures
One fairly simple way of promotion is a brochure, traditionally printed though more often these days, one that is used purely online. A digital sales brochure or eBrochure can be an amazing way to bring presence to your product or system. It can include infographics, moving or static, even 3d models or video. If you’re not quite that ambitious, a well prepared, optimised PDF, built specially for screens and devices will be very well received.

3. Animated infographics & presentations
Using moving, animated, motion graphics to illustrate how something works or explains a benefit to an end user is invaluable. If your product story can be written down and explained in easy to absorb ‘chunks’ than it can be explained visually too. As they say, a picture says a thousand words so, save yourself all that writing and think ‘visual’. Customers will love it!

4. Informative technical documents
As with digital brochures, there is a lot that can be achieved by downloadable or emailable technical documents and data sheets. These can be used in conjunction with the sales item once your prospective customer warms to the initial overview of your product, as it will enhance the sale and inform them of anything they are likely to need prior to making that important decision.

5. Broadcasting it
Once you are ready to launch your product to market, there is the all-important broadcasting to consider. Mostly, it’s relatively inexpensive and with careful strategic planning can yield extremely positive results. Use your social channels to schedule timely posts to alert people about upcoming timings, ads applied at strategic opportunities and banners applied to seasonal items. Use your email marketing campaigns to deliver news and offers out to your current database of clients and any new subscribers to your brand or from signing up to your website or Shopify site.

If you want to go the traditional route and target those who appreciate the real thing, why not conjure up an inspired mail piece? Finally, if your product warrants it and your budget can accommodate it, use a live event (physical or virtual) to launch and don’t forget to invite those people who will champion your business and your product. The pre and post-event planning is crucial here too so, you don’t waste too much time and lose any sales.

In summary, prepare your content for:

  1. Branding and alignment
  2. Digital brochures
  3. Animated infographics & presentations
  4. Informative technical documents
  5. Broadcasting
  • Social media posts, ads and banners
  • Email campaigns
  • Physical mail
  • Events

One last point on fulfilment. If your product will need shipping and you don’t have the space or resource to even contemplate this, we have dedicated connections that we can introduce you to.

We have years of experience in helping businesses achieve positive results with attractive, informative and sometimes fun ideas, promoting their products and services. Please get in touch for a friendly chat, whatever stage you are at on your product ‘journey’.

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