Case Study



To devise a new marketing strategy to connect its products with clients, visitors and staff. The brief was to convert certain environments in their new UK head office to be able to present, manage, instruct, store, display and entertain.

Type - Concept, Design, Build, Interactivity

Space - New Office


  • Immersive interaction
  • New technology
  • Fully integrated

Weidmuller Interactive

State of the art interactive technology was embraced for the immersive experience, bespoke furniture, cabinet enclosures and fittings were designed and built and everything implemented into their brand new UK headquarters in Leicester.

The main zones included a reception, primary stairwell, meeting rooms and the main marketing suite.

We thought that by fully “connecting a connectivity company” would be quite fun and unique so we set about delivering a full family of bespoke solutions for the main room including: furniture, touch, scan, signage and storage areas – most incorporating some form of technology, some using programmed LED yet all tied together with a subtle use of the global Weidmuller brand.

The flagship of the experiential visitor room is the interactive product scanning podium where a visitor/presenter lifts an item from the product display wall, scans it and is presented with a series of updateable information on the big screen. This could take the form of video, tech specs, case studies within a sector etc.

All these applications, sited on their global intranet, are also designed to be accessed and edited remotely from anywhere, in many languages. This eliminates the need to disturb any hardware or fixture and therefore future-proofing the environment. The main screen can also be used for general presentation or even just watching TV!

The end result was a truly custom built, dynamic experience which propelled Weidmuller ahead of its competitors, creating a fun and practical customer experience that is quite unique.

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