Case Study

Airtime Rewards


To personalise the office and promote the brand

Type - Office Branding

  • Large format graphics
  • Branded walls
  • Effective signage

Airtime Rewards

Sometimes the apparently simple jobs can become tricky. Especially when a colour palette comes from the digital space for Airtime Rewards, a tech firm based in Covent Garden, London.

Typically, the printed colour palette is less vibrant than the screen palette and so additional measures were taken to ensure accuracy. We weren't asked to but we decided, for the best outcome and to ensure the client was 100% happy with the result, to test proof the colours with several profiles and machine/material set ups before running the final work for installation.

The peppermint colour branding eventually jumped off the wall and seemed to defy what is possible with printed colour and would normally be achieved from traditional CMYK print machines.

If you need to trust your design agency to supply the right colour on site you can rely on Vivid Pixel!

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