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MicroPlas Mouldings


To create an efficient method for quick, fuss free printing, saving time and reducing waste.

Type - Template Design

  • Save time
  • Reduce waste
  • Achieve consistent results


MicroPlas Mouldings

It's sometimes the little things that can make all the difference. We learned never to assume everyone knows how to do the things you consider 'easy' to do or a 'quick fix' is all it takes. To our clients, these 'little things' can sometimes be a game changer.

Microplas Mouldings approached us initially to custom design and consolidate their Xero accounting templates, then the job grew into import/export forms and packing labels.

The objective was to allow the business, who was still very much paper based (and the owner a little nervous of the whole 'digital revolution' that was coming regarding tax and his exports etc.) to become more efficient and trusting of the systems they had to use, plus to save a load of hassle in the process.

The accounting side of the project required three separate themes to be implemented as there were several documents that couldn't be supported in just one theme, within Xero. This was a fairly simple task to us as we are veteran users and understand where and how it pulls and pushes its data. The end result meant that the client could easily draft and send documents directly from any part of the system and everything linked up and was consistent across the brand.

Additionally, there were export forms and labels that needed to be drafted, to conform with the new rules for the EU and the rest of the world. We don't profess to be experts in this field but with the guidance of the client, we were able to give our input on the time saving mechanisms and deliver a neat, unbreakable template. This also captured data from one sheet or cell to others to minimise data entry. Here's an example below.

Lastly, we were asked to provide a series of label templates for pallets, bags and other packaging in various shapes and sizes. Normally users just pick these up from Microsoft Word, fill in the address/data and print them. Then discover they have a few wasted labels and eventually throw away the orphaned labels. Our solution eliminated this waste and allowed them to open a fresh template, enter data into one, two or all of the label fields, switch on/off any unwanted ones and print.

This meant that they saved time by keeping any regular addresses, they saved empty label sheets because they didn't waste them anymore and they could also choose which part of the sheet to print on or not by simply switching off layers in the template file.

The completed series of files also meant their brand was consistently delivered across all of their office templates.

"I had been struggling for quite a while to find a company to help us with our Xero templates, I was almost going to give up and then I found Vivid Pixel, they were brilliant to deal with and they use Xero too. They were able to not only help us with all of our accounting templates, they also helped with all our conformity files/labels for export. As a company they had a real great attitude to getting the job done, from our first conversation we had overhauled most of our company documentation within weeks. I highly recommend Vivid Pixel to anyone looking for a "can-do" team."

MicroPlas Mouldings



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