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We were approached by Amphenol (UK) initially to assist with a solution to their upcoming events requirements, then the work expanded to include internal signage, sub-branding and an outdoor event fit-out of a trailer.

Custom Exhibition

We’ve been supporting Amphenol with their exhibition events for some time, and for this year's DSEI show we provided a more experiential, product-based stand space, where visitors could fully interact with the various products.

The final stand incorporated a large branded fabric lightbox, custom-made illuminated product pods and a centrally integrated, interactive media screen. We supplied props like a mannequin and clothing for the finishing touch.

Flex Exhibition Display System

Amphenol were searching for a long-term exhibition display solution to showcase their product range at a series of events in the UK such as the Farnborough Air Show.

They needed a product that would work in a space only, a shell scheme or a marquee environment so the Versaform Flex display system was chosen with additional shelving, brochure holders, counters and table attachments with screen brackets.

Animated Showreel

Plus, with a need to re-work their graphic panels periodically, we carefully designed in the ability to simply swap in/out panels and units at will.

Alongside the exhibition stand we designed and choreographed a short video loop including several powerful typographic statements with an animation of their brand identity - final edit is courtesy of our partners at Creative Motion.

We supplied solid state HD media players and specified LED screens to complete the ‘plug and play’ package. 

The display system also works well within their reception area as a semi-permanent showcase of their primary product range, which further illustrates the Flex system's ongoing appeal.

If you’re looking for a new exhibition display system or wanting to upgrade that tired old pop up, then this could be the one for you!

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Large Format Signage

To freshen up Amphenol's office environment and factory, we were asked to create some large format designs for their internal signage installation.

Each area of the Amphenol building demanded different needs and requirements. The signs for the office space were to advertise some company facts and figures and generally brighten up the walls.

The factory signage took on more of  an informative nature, providing the visitor with knowledge of the departments, what the individual zones manufactured and a way finding 3D map to help navigate the space.

The various designs would take a nod from the sector icons we designed for the original exhibition system and would all be in slightly varying sizes to suit their positions.

We would love to hear from you if you would like more information on large format artwork design and print.

Please contact us here.

Sub Branding

We designed a 2D graphic set of colourful icons to indicate the main sectors Amphenol operate in. This created a scalable, visual family that would help tie in with future projects.

Event Trailer Fit Out

This year Amphenol took a different marketing approach for their outside event, so we had to design and fit out their event trailer for this show with vibrant and iconic graphic panels – inside and out.

The panels were derived from the Flex graphics and sub branding and simply re-emphasised the primary product range within each sector.

The graphics were all designed to be re-usable too within the trailer conversion and then back at their head office.

All in all a neat and attractive result and happy client!

If you are thinking of attending an outdoor event and looking for something a little different, we would love to hear from you.

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