Brochure design

Crafted with your business goals in mind

A company brochure is a staple item for sales and sharing information about your service or product. With a great brochure design that is professional and matched with your your clients’ expectations it will enhance your business proposition.

This doesn’t mean your brochure has to be a huge document, some brochures are simple four page formats and say enough to grab the buyer and encourage a sale. Others can be more elaborate, with unique finishes and more of a coffee table book style item.


Attractive and tactile


Designed with care and attention


Uniquely for your business

Special finishes

Great imagery, engaging copy, informative graphic design and tidy, considered layout are all the ingredients for an attention-grabbing sales brochure design. Using size, format, cleverly placed die or laser cutting, tactile, responsibly-sourced paper stocks all make the item desirable, durable and the recipient will likely choose to keep it on their shelf as a reference. A multitude of options, finishes and processes are available to you and, with our help, you can have a printed company brochure that does all you require whilst retaining a quality that your customers expect.

    Specialist extras

    • Embossing and laser cutting
    • Metallics and foils
    • Paper engineering
    • Special packaging
    • Copywriting

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    How we work

    Our service starts with a conversation to discuss your business goals, reasons for the brochure and situations it could be used in. Then imagery and text is gathered as raw content. Next we set a layout as a draft, add in your copy and present for discussion. Then the process speeds up until you are happy with the final design. Lastly, we offer a thorough manual proof read as well as a software check to ensure all is correct, easy to read and graphically presentable.