Motion graphics

Add another dimension to your marketing

Strengthen your marketing and excite your audience with moving graphics, video and graphical animations and leave them with a clearer understanding of what your business offers. Sometimes a situation arises where a simple image cannot fully explain what you are trying to express visually, an animated graphic will be able to unleash a whole new way of doing this and your problem goes away.



motion graphic demo

Animated or motion graphics give your messages a whole new dimension. This media can help explain a process, describe a product or simply grab attention online within your website, digital brochure or in an advert on your social media for instance. Presentations can come alive with a simple animated chart, graph or explainer when used in a context and style that fits with the overall design and its message.

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The advantages

  • Virtual event media
  • Up to 65% more uptake on moving ads
  • For a social media or website ad boost
  • Explain a process with ease
  • Presentations, charts & infographics come alive

Our process begins with discussing the reasons for motion graphics, the benefits it could bring and then look at your anticipated audience and desired outcome for your business. Next, we would prepare a simple storyboard, taking into account the duration and pace of what the viewer will see. Your end goals are always at the forefront of anything we do so, we never lose sight of the core message.

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