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The following story tells of how this aerospace maintenance company commissioned us to provide creative marketing support for a series of items to re-launch their business;

Visual identity, photography, brochures, stationery, signage, exhibition and more...

Brand Identity Development

Aero Partners required an overhaul of their outdated logotype and we were called in to discuss "building their story back up" from the identity upwards; to print, exhibition displays and even a short animated video to accompany the display stand.

The logo went through several early concepts, mostly with the obvious aircraft elements to them. 

Eventually the chosen design took the shape of a 747 at take off within the negative space of the name itself and the 'reusable' nosecone device.

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Flex Exhibition Display System

Once the visual identity was finalised, we needed to focus on the exhibition stand and its graphics.

This borrowed elements from the brochure and used a simple dotted world map graphic to describe the worldwide reach of their business.

Animated showreel.

Our photography once again came into play for the main background and to accompany the stand we built a short branded animation with key typographic information rolling in and out to complete the presentation. 

These little extras really helped bring the whole stand together plus when everything is all created at the same time, everything gels nicely.

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Stationery Set

Another part of the overhaul was the creation of Aero Partners’ stationery and brochure. Our brief was to deliver a quality set of products the staff would be proud of and they also didn’t want the traditional A4 brochure.

So we opted for a 210mm square brochure format, which lent itself nicely to our previously commissioned photography and a spot UV gloss treatment to the nosecone icon on the wrap-around cover.

The stationery took on a similar look and feel with a practical matt laminate to the cards and a light, non-fussy feel to the other paper stock.

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To add the finishing touch we supplied a fascia sign for the building's exterior. This mirrored the look and feel of all the other elements from the brand facelift.

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Hear what the client had to say.

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