Email marketing

Email marketing is arguably the most effective online channel for marketers. Keeping in touch with your customers, offering new product lines or, alerting your fans to a special offer, you can use email for many different things. Build your audience, organising lists and analysing results with the array of tools included in our secure and simple to use system.

Email campaigns


Quick, simple and organised

Our email marketing system makes e-marketing simple and can build your audience faster with branded templates, easy to understand analytics and organised management of your lists.

Don't worry, building your subscriber lists is easy. We can help you embed the link on your website and contact forms so every address will automatically be sent to your chosen list from your website or online shop. You can also import and organise existing lists fast or simply enter single contacts manually.

Our templates respond to desktops and mobile devices and are a simple 'drag and drop' of your content so you're up and running with a campaign in minutes. Simply select a template, edit the content and your campaign is good to go. You can also re-use a template over and over or you can just duplicate an older email campaign and apply new content to it.

Controlled, secure and compliant

We can also help with ensuring your emails reach your intended audience and not get blocked or classed as spam. A simple authentication process takes about 2 minutes and certifies your future email campaigns actually come from your domain.

With analytics, A-B testing and worldwide views you can quickly see who, where and when your users are engaging with your emails. You can even organise a series of emails over time and schedule when they are sent and to which defined list, so you can measure results more accurately and define segmented behaviours. Link it up with your social media activity too.

Whether you just need the platform set up or you'd like your entire email system organised and branded, no problem. Our email campaign system is cost effective, organised, really easy to use and measure. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll call you back to discuss your requirements. You could be up and running in no time!

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