Social media branding

Graphic, icon and banner design

As a valuable part of your digital marketing implementation, aligning all your social media platforms visually will help build and retain user engagement, as your brand image is uniform and your business profile will be remembered and valued more.

In line with all our other design services, presentations, brochures, stationery and more, social media graphics are another brand messaging asset that will compliment everything else you are doing within your visual marketing activity.


  • Professional image online
  • Connected to all your social media platforms
  • Align your brand and retain engagement
  • Easily identifiable graphics and icons
  • Part of your online marketing toolkit


Working with your website

We can design your banner or header, your profile visuals or help with graphics and infographics for posts, articles, adverts and importantly, your icon or logo that ties everything together, so your presence online is seen as a collective set of branded sign posts that all lead back to your website or a specific call to action.

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