Case Study

Validair Group


To provide a series of visuals to be used in technical data sheets and sales documents together with a future use for animated product models.

Type - 3D Visualisation

  • Product promotion
  • Technical usage
  • Prototyping

Validair 3D

Sometimes a product needs to be presented as a 3D visual image for technical reasons or simply just because the style is preferred to photography, for use on a website or in a video file or presentation.

Validair Monitoring Solutions are a world-class environmental monitoring solutions business, delivering technical services and application support for all critical markets.

3D visuals

We were asked to provide a series of product visuals that could be used in a variety of media, from brochures or presentations to being animated within a video.

3D Visualisation

If you have a product or item that could benefit from a visual boost to describe how it works, is constructed or to simply show it off. The files can also be prepared for use for future prototyping or manufacturing purposes. Simply let us know how your foresee the project evolving and we can ensure the work done is prepared in the correct way.

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