Inspire Me

Type - Versaform Lite

Budget - from £995 plus VAT

Space - 2x2m and upwards


  • Extremely portable
  • Easily fits in your car
  • Reconfigurable
  • Flexible bends
  • Accessories and TV media
  • Mini counter conversion case

Versaform Lite

The exhibition banner stand has evolved and this one may surprise you.

Versaform Lite is a modular, easy self-assembly exhibition banner display and, for a display of this type, it is lightweight, as the name suggests. Each module is 800mm wide and 2.2m high, they can form a stand-alone single banner graphic or add flexible or straight units onto the first one to create the desired length you need for your space. They can even be arranged as a double sided option.

5x module exhibition banner

  • Flexible and versatile - The system is really easy to work with and allows flexibility to be assembled almost anywhere you have the space. The optimal height allows it to fit directly into your pre-booked shell scheme too, plus you can bend it to fit the space.
  • Lightweight and compact - With a single extruded post and foot every other panel, it's light. A 3x module display will all fit into the carry drum and go into the smallest car boot.
  • Tool-free simplicity - Fast clamps require no tools so you're ready to go, straight out of the box.
  • Optional extras - Integrate a TV and LED lighting units at will with the (quick clamp) VESA bracket for the finishing touch.
  • Affordable - Prices start at £995 plus VAT for a 3x module including graphics, carry drum, artwork and o/night UK delivery.

Interested? Simply complete the from in the dark grey panel and we'll get straight back to you. You may also be interested in Versaform Flex or an A/V Media Pack 

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