Inspire Me

Type - Custom Frame Exhibition

Budget - circa £6,800

Space - 4x3m

  • Custom stand with many options
  • Attention to detail design
  • Numerous substrates available
  • Fully inclusive packages
  • We can look after your project in full

4x3m Exhibition Stand

This formation could suit a small business venturing into on of the UK's main venues for the first time or possibly returning but wanting to get out of the shell scheme pens.

Although a small format for a space only build, it ticks a lot of boxes.

  • Sustainable design, all items are reusable
  • Storage cupboard with some shelving and locking door
  • Optional shelving on the backwall
  • Mini meeting area with bench
  • Reception counter
  • 40" TV screen and media player
  • Optional platform or carpet only*
  • Display lighting

Maybe you are a retailer or manufacturer, possibly a software maker or in a service industry. This shape will work regardless. It can be made the opposite way than shown here too, if your space favours a different viewpoint, as the system is modular and versatile.

Talk to us about your options on this plot size.

The suggested budget includes design, drawing submissions, H&S forms, installation and removal from site (based on a London venue). Electrics and platform not included here due to unknown requirements but we can arrange these for you of course. *Budget suggests carpet only.

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