Portable exhibition displays

Modular, versatile, reliable, and easy to set up

If you have a smaller event or a need to be completely self-reliant when attending conferences, exhibitions and trade shows, then you will likely be wanting to present your business in a professional manner with a pop up or roller banner display.

The pop up market has exploded online and, to save you the bother, we have researched and, as designers being highly scrutinous, now deliver a range of quality systems to our clients.

These are manufactured in the UK, extremely flexible and elegant units that will serve you well for a long time. Each exhibition system is modular, tool-free, reliable, re-configurable and expandable with durable graphics being able to be swapped in or out at will.



Discover more about our banner displays in the videos below.

Versaform Lite Pop up Display

- Lightweight
- Easy to install
- Versatile, modular system
- Reconfigurable
- Fits in your car
- Can hold TVs up to 27"
- Conversion counter pod options

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Versaform Flex Exhibition display

- Easy to install
- Table and counter options
- Fully modular and reconfigurable
- Self-aligning graphic panels
- Fits in your car
- Can hold TVs up to 40"
- Numerous accessories

details and pricing

Your options

Choose from a range of extras

The Versaform systems are tool-free, modular, reliable, re-configurable and expandable. You can either use them within a shell scheme or stand alone in a reception as they are self-supporting. We have also customised and integrated customer products into the wall panels.

For either system we also offer an A/V media pack contaning carefully selected hardware, if you want an instant "out of the box" solution to show your video or demo software.

Optional accessories for Lite include:

  • TV bracket (up to 27")
  • LED display lighting
  • A handy case conversion podium

Optional accessories for Flex include:

  • Shelving and merchandise units
  • TV/monitor bracket
  • Shaped table attachments
  • Counters (varied shapes/sizes)
  • iPad/tablet mounts
  • LED lighting and more

The Media Pack conists of:

  • TV or monitor (24"-27")
  • HD media player (pro or standard)
  • SD card for video
  • HDMI lead
  • 4way extension lead
  • All in a padded carry bag or flightcase

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