Exhibitions and interactive spaces

It’s a fact that we respond much better in face-to-face or human-to-object situations (in a tangible or tactile way) than via any other method. There are many benefits with this kind interaction that can return powerful results.

These can be simple graphically-led exhibition areas such as modular exhibition stands aimed at creating and reinforcing brand awareness or hi-tech interactive environments where visitors and users can physically interact with your product or service.

Shell Scheme Spaces

Come out of your shell by making more of that blank shell scheme booth. Splash the walls, add some media and attract attention

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Custom Build Exhibition Spaces

Be unique with a completely bespoke exhibition stand to show off your products or demo your service in real style

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Portable Exhibition Displays

Your own versatile, self-assembly display that will go anywhere you need it to, with accessories. Choose one that works for you.

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Whatever the space

Engage successfully with people on any scale

Exhibition stand spaces generally fall into two categories, space only or shell scheme. There are several ways to build or dress your exhibition stand designs and different drivers for exhibitors like return on investment, brand exposure, price or build quality.

We always aim for maximum ROI for our clients, whatever the project spend. For example it is our exhibition stand designers duty to you to give you the best advice before deciding on a product, surface treatment or installation and not simply deliver the ordinary, there are always more options than you realise and so many accessories available.

Branded office spaces or marketing suites are a more permanent undertaking and highly bespoke in nature so the planning, design, environmental and ergonomic relationship with people, the subject and the space is all carefully considered. With focus on the goal at all times, we can achieve some technically ambitious things together.

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